What I’m Working On This Week

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  1. I stitch to books on CD. I can’t concentrate on TV shows, although I would love to watch it while I quilt. I am afraid I might sew my finger into the seams!

    I am a fellow BH Wannabee! I wish I had Quilting as a full time job. Nah, I’d probably end up hating it too!


  2. Eden says:

    It is looking good, tiny pieces and all! Regular braids go pretty fast, but the addition of the red blocks in there complicate the assembly I imagine. Good luck, sounds like you are making it for an excellent reason!

  3. Denise :) says:

    Wow — those are really tiny pieces! But it’s looking really good. I’m glad you decided to step out and link up today. I can’t work with TV in the background either. The best I can do is music — even a book on CD distracts me in a terrible way! Have a GREAT week! :)

  4. Amy says:

    It looks great so far! It will make a lovely, heartfelt gift.

  5. marcella says:

    You’ve made great progress on that braid quilt. Looks like you are on a roll. Good luck finding just the right quilting inspiration on net flicks – it really does help the quilting go along, doesn’t it?

  6. TINY!?? You think those pieces are tiny? Muuuuwaaahahaha! I love the look of intricate machine piecing, and your quilt is going to be GREAT!! Keep on it!


  7. Kayla K says:

    Hey, thanks!
    My mom and sister are making three of your Perkiomen Daydreams quilts so they think I am a big whiner. :)

  8. It’s looking good Kayla. I think it’s so funny that you thought some of those fabrics were ugly. I am thinking WONDERFUL!!

  9. Granny Franny says:

    I also watch Netflix while I quilt. Have you seen Felicity? I watched the whole series in about 3 weeks.

    Also, Switched at Birth was good. It had some deaf actors so that was a little bit harder to watch while quilting. When they signed, they used sub titles so you have to be watching to know what is going on. However, it was an excellent series.

    I like your “Texas braid.” It’s looking good.

  10. Love the braid quilt you are making!

  11. Heather says:

    Beautiful! I’m also a big fan of Bonnie and scrap quilts. That will be such a precious, treasured gift!

  12. Bonnie/Va says:

    Your Texas Braid is coming along nicely. It must be wonderful to have fabric from someone else’s stash — more variety. I listen to audio books checked out from my library while I work in the studio. Have to turn it off when I actually sew because I refuse to play it loud enough to actually hear it when the machine is going. Keep plugging away. And, congratulations for posting on Design Wall Mondays.

  13. Gari says:

    Love your braid quilt top (beginning) but that is why I don’t do BH patterns. I love to look at them and would love to have one but I am afraid there are just too many small pieces for me. Have fun.

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