Unclaimed Assets: How I “Earned” $43 in Two Minutes

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  1. Claire Surovell says:

    Thanks for the tip !! I just “earned” $28.53 from ten
    year old utility company deposit. Easy Peasy. Be sure to look under every state you have ever lived.

  2. Marisete says:

    I use cloth diapers! I use dieferfnt kinds from dieferfnt places. I wouldn’t say they are easy’ but they are so much more affordable, it’s worth it! Also, there are tons of resources out there if you don’t know anyone who is doing it. I also use Freecycle and thrift stores. Before every garage sale season, I make a list of things I’m looking for (clothes, crib, toys) and hunt for only those items. I got everything I needed for our first child for $250! I also make my own laundry detergents and cleaning supplies. I’m thinking about making my own personal care products too. And finally, a diva cup! Being thrifty takes time, but is so worth it in the end!

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