Stove Top Popcorn

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  1. Carla says:

    After a flirtation with the ease of microwave popcorn, we have gone back to stove top for several years now. It is the BEST. Tender, never oversalted. May I suggest that you try half EVOO for your oil? If you normally use 1 tbsp oil just pour the spoon with about half of your regular oil and half olive. Yum. I also suggest not salting till after the corn is popped. Salt will toughen it.

    I’m an old grandma who grew up on real popcorn if you need my credentials. ;)

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and am enjoying browsing around. If you like “kettle corn”, making it on the stove top is easy too. Use the “recipe” you’re using now, simply add about 1/4th cup of brown or white sugar to the oil while it’s heating up before adding your popcorn. Once popped, carefully remove the old maids (unpopped kernels). The mixture will be hot.

  3. robbiekay says:

    The only time I had success with stovetop popcorn is when I had a gas stove. I was recently trying to persuade my husband that a microwave isn’t a necessity. . . then I remembered that’s how I make popcorn and stopped arguing. :) I will give your mother’s technique a try. As it is, I have been buying plain, unbuttered microwave popcorn and seasoning it myself. Much better than the artificial flavorings!

  4. Tracy says:

    I don’t like to use the microwave any more than I feel the need to. I also stopped buying the microwavable packaged corn and started using the stovetop. I got tired of scrubbing out the pot after making the corn. Finally…I purchased an air popper. This was not a mistake of a purchase. My kids can make popcorn whenever they want. The machine is easy peasy and cleanup is simple. It is a pretty good snack too.

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