Spending for March, Goals for April

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  1. Budgets are soo tricky! I’ve been trying different methods out for a couple years now I feel like! The one that has sticked for me is making catagories for everything and when I get a paycheck spending it down to $0.00 right away. (Well more like 2.17 or 3.46..whatever is left to stay in my bank account) I use cash for almost everything, and for things I need to pay just once or twice a year I have a separate account I put those into. I also have a fun notbook (so it’s more motivating LOL) with a monthly breakdown of my expenses and when they need to come out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sticking to a budget takes a bit of getting used to, but eventually it will be like auto-pilot. I don’t have to add up my groceries as I buy them because we usually get similar foods from week to week and have an average amount that we spend. It’s the same thing with eating out (we go to dinner once and dessert once), gas, and utility bills.

    PS I used to spend $200/ month on groceries as well. Now I spend less than that with my boyfriend included… the biggest thing we’ve done is to meal plan and only buy what we need for the week. We don’t get any prepackaged snacks and buy frozen protein in bulk- chicken for him and frozen Boca or fish for me.

  3. Businesses that are on a cash basis (which is most) count what is earned and spent in that particular month for that month. And most people’s budgets should operate on that same system. So if your car payment puts you over, then you’re over. BUT as long as your checkbook balances out and you’re not without money, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    The important part is that you HAVE a budget, so good for you! :)

  4. Newlyfrugal says:

    you should include your car payment as an expense. It does not matter that you did not pay it personally. It was taken out of your checking account. Same thing. Good for you for working on a budget. Take baby steps and soon you will do great. Don’t give up on budgeting. I have saved thousands for my emergency fund and investments just by knowing how to budget.

  5. Newlyfrugal says:

    Re. haircuts: places like Fantastic Sam’s and Great Clips run coupons every six weeks or so, where you can get a haircut for $10.95, including shampoo. I always say, “I want a shampoo and hair cut, no styling.” If you don’t want to pay, buy a hair trimming kit for $30 and have your family learn to cut each other’s hair. You could save a fortune.

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