Solve Pilly Sweater Problems with a Bikini Trimmer

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  1. Carole says:

    I have dyed things before such as jeans and pants.Usually the same color, but to make them look new. Once I made a light blue jacket, darker blue. It works like a charm. I have no advice except to follow directions.

  2. Leia says:

    The Black dye will work wonders! I have redyed sweaters, tshirts, and pants.

  3. Snella says:

    I’ve redyed black clothes for years and it really works very well. I also have a very neat thrifty tip that I got from a friend – dyeing towels! She dyed all her hand towels black as her husband used to work as a mechanics teacher in high school and absolutely every towel had black stains, and that worked really well. I dyed my handtowels navy blue as I collect willow pattern china and have white walls and white curtains. I inherited a load of worn towels in different pastel shades and sizes and afterwards I had 12 matching towels! They’ve not faded although they’re washed very often. As I got my dye really cheaply at a sale it was a great solution as I still haven’t bought a towel ;)!

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