Sick of being sick: Seeking natural sinus relief

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  1. Catherine says:

    Daily nostril cleans, like the neti pots. Pure saline sprays. Continue even when you feel better,which I hope is soon.

  2. Cyndee says:

    Don’t have any amazing suggestions for you but I do want you to know that skipping sugar, wheat and dairy is not the panacea that a lot of people would have you believe. My stepmom just went that route for the last four months. She was raving about no headaches then suddenly she sicker than she’s ever been. She’s been doctoring since mid-December and is still in misery. The meds (prednisone among others) made a bad situation worse. She finally ate some sugar, wheat and dairy during Christmas. She said the stuff tasted so good and had no effect on her situation. I personally don’t think it’s worth it to give up food in the hopes that it will help. I think missing your favorite foods just makes you more miserable. Good luck. Wish I could offer you some great solution but if I had one I’d probably be rich. ;)

  3. j says:

    hi ya
    i have similar issue since i started teaching two yrs ago. ive seen specialists as well as trying acupuncture and osteopath, but so far, what works for me is daily sinus rinse. ive tried elimination diet for two weeks as suggested by osteopath, it only seemed to work during the weekends when im off work, then sinus infection was back as soon as i got to work.

  4. Kris says:

    The daily sinus washes with saline are great. I prefer the bottle that shoots the solution into the nasal passages rather than the neti pots. There’s a recipe for the saline (canning salt, baking soda) mix on the net so you dont have to buy the packets. A non-natural, over the counter product is Affrin. I take it when I start to feel plugged up. Beware, follow the directions – take for no more than 3 days – it can be habit-forming.

  5. LornaO says:

    My mom had lots of sinus problems including infections until she went to a naturopath and found out that she is intolerant to eggs and gluten. All sinus problems went away by eliminating those things. My son had terrible ulcerative colitis and was on the verge of surgery until he eliminated his intolerances (gluten, eggs, dairy and peanuts) now he is doing well again. Just focus on what you can eat. We love mexican food and it works well with his diet. It’s hard to make changes but when the results give you good health it’s worth it! If you can afford it the food intolerance test is really worth it as it will show you exactly what to eliminate.

  6. Denise Crawford says:

    Chart your migraine occurrences. If you notice that they seem to appear consistently before your period they may be triggered by a rise in estrogen rather than sinuses. If that’s the case, the good news is that they will subside as your estrogen level declines. Some poor women START getting migraines as they’re level declines. As a fellow sufferer, I can’t imagine being old AND having migraine pain. Good luck.

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