Selective Substitutions

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  1. I know Spencer…I doubt the clothing thing will fly.

  2. nancia says:

    I have been making cornbread with water for years. There should be no difference in taste. Give it a try and good luck.

  3. Annabelle says:

    Good tips! And you reminded me that I should make some cornbread again ASAP.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I have found that I can replace the oil with applesauce using equal measures with no problem in quick breads and muffins-just remember without the oil your cornbread might stick to your pan. If you still want “milk” you could add dry milk powder to your water my breadmaker recipes call for water and a tbsp of powder. Love your site keep the great ideas coming,Thanks.

  5. Mmmmm…. cornbread…. And I never notice the difference in flavor between water and milk. Tastes great either way! :-) As far as converting — that’s tough. Maybe bring home a really nice, near-new thrifted item and show it without the tags visible at first? So opinions aren’t shaded by the source?

    Love your blog!


  6. Newlyfrugal says:

    I enjoy reading your thrifty recipes. I make not make all of them, but I am constantly amazed at your creativity and ability to make meals for pennies. Keep up the good work!

    As for thrifted clothes: I think it depends on how you grow up. My mother refused to buy clothes at thrift stores or garage sales because she did not want to wear other people’s clothes. Luckily, she is a talented seamstress and made beautiful outfits for her family. Now that I am grown up and have my own money, I still do not buy clothes at thrift stores or garage sales. I do not mean any disrespect to those who get second hand clothes, but I simply do not wish to wear the same. If Spencer cannot be converted to thrifted clothes, please forgive his upbringing!

  7. Cyndee says:

    I buy my clothes at Goodwill and other thrift stores, but while my husband will go into the stores with me and look at other things, he is not a big fan of thrift store clothes. I don’t consider it a big deal, I just look elsewhere for good deals for him. Recently I got him $30 Levi Authentics jeans at Target marked down to $6. I bought him three pairs. Can’t do much better than that at a thrift and they are brand new.

  8. business says:

    Cornbread is almost like dessert but with little sugar and even less guilt.Ive been making corn bread for years and have always liked it but Id never found a recipe that really knocked my socks off. I believe Ive now found the perfect cornbread recipe buried in a cookbook weve had on our shelves for more than ten years. You might have a few startup costs for some baking or mixing tools but because this recipe is so easy and so delicious it is an extremely encouraging way for a novice chef to get started down the road towards baking other foods.I guarantee that this cornbread will be a home run in your home.

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