Quilts from Clothes, What a Concept

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  1. Jenna P says:

    Not only did you wear cool period clothing, you rocked the “bustle” look!

  2. Ally Alberga says:

    I love making things at home. One day an expert quilter was giving free Saturday classes at our church. She gave out directions weeks in advance, but I did not get them. I decided to attend at the last minute. I figured I could make a small lap quilt or a baby quilt. I searched my closet and found several poly-cotton, no- wrinkle shirts that I never wear and took them to cut up. I arrived to find a class of 8 women who had all storebought fabrics and already cut it to the size needed for the project. The teacher was so kind as to help me cut up my shirts to the right size pieces, as she gave directions. While the class rolled on, I was a bit behind. This was a class where you could finish all 12 blocks in one day. Needless to say I did not finish. But the lesson was one I could finish at home. So I did. I returned the following week to learn how to put on the backing and the batting. I took an old blanket that was well worn out, to use for batting, and a plain beige bed sheet that was bigger than I needed, for the backing. Again, I had a class with women who shop at the craft store for everything. Their quilts were really beautiful I must say. Mine came out just as nice. I have memories of wearing those shirts at my job for many years. When I became a mother, I lost that job. I gave the quilt to my son. The best quilts are not necesarily the prettiest ones. Rather, some quilts are made with love, made with memories, and will be held close to our hearts for reasons other than warming our outer self. My little quilt turned out large enough that my son can use it for many years, and is almost as big as a twin bed. Seeing it, and seeing him use it, gives me great satisfaction. I could never have had that with a store bought blanket, and it wouldn’t evoke the same emotions if I made it with new fabrics. It was my very first quilt. I have saved every piece of clothing I could reuse since then. Scrap Quilting is now a joy.

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