Put “The Lovely Bones” on Your Netflix Cue and Enter to Win the Book

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  1. Jo says:

    I LOVED both versions of Gone With the Wind. I have liked most of the Nicholas Sparks books that have been adapted like A Walk to Remember and The Notebook….Message in a Bottle was bad though. The last movie/book I saw that was adapted was My Sister’s Keeper….that was okay. I am leary about Lovely Bones…like you said, my version of heaven is probably different than any hollywood producers. Overall, I LOVE books much better than the movie.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I was thinking about the same movie! I haven’t seen “Where the Wild Things Are”, but I just cannot imagine it as a full length movie.

  3. ASHLEY says:

    I really liked both the book and the movie “In Her Shoes”. The book was better, but I LOVE me some Toni Collette. “Cold Mountain” was one of the few movies I have liked better than the book–the book was WAY more in-depth depressing.

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