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Pressure Cooker 365 Recipe #82: German Potato Salad

by Kayla K on May 11, 2013

pressure-cooker-german-potato-saladYou may have noticed an influx of potato recipes on the blog. That may have something to do with the five-pound bags of potatoes on sale for $.75 this week. :) This morning I made German Potato Salad with a fried egg.

I followed the recipe almost exactly except that I fried the bacon in a cast iron skillet.  I am convinced that the spouts on either side of my skillet are specifically made for saving bacon grease. Am I the only person in the world who still saves bacon grease? I used a tablespoon for the dressing and poured the rest in my jar. The shine left in the skillet was just enough to cook my eggs.

farm-fresh-egg-yolk-bright-orangeAren’t they beautiful? My mom brought me three dozen eggs when she visited me two weeks ago and they still look this fresh. Eggs from her hens taste so much better than anything I can buy in a store. I’m really excited for the new Co-op in Dubuque to open so I can source more local fresh foods like this.


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