Pressure Cooker 365 Recipe #81: How to Make Pre-Cooked Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal Pucks

by Kayla K on May 10, 2013

Spencer and I are still catching up on leftovers so I took some time tonight to prep my breakfasts for next week.  I am imitating Trader Joe’s frozen steel cut oatmeal pucks.  They are single-serve packages of oatmeal that you microwave for just three minutes.  Even a pressure cooker can’t make steel cut oats that quickly.

Do not do what I did.  My standard oatmeal recipe is 1 C oats to 3 C water for 6 minutes with natural release.  I thought I would just double the recipe because I wanted five servings… right? Wrong! After using my pressure cooker at least 81 times, this is the closest it came to exploding.  Be sure to never fill your cooker more than 1/3 of the way full when making foam-producing foods like steel cut oats and pasta. I have learned my lesson.

So after my pressure cooker overflowed into a sticky oatmeal-y mess, I just simmered what was remaining until the oats were cooked.  It took nearly 15 minutes! I forget how awesome my pressure cooker is sometimes. :)

When the oatmeal was done I portioned it into 5 servings.  A giant muffin pan would be nice for this but my sturdy drinking glasses did just fine.

pressure-cooker-steel-cut-oatmeal-pucksI added a dollop each of peanut butter and jam with a pinch of salt.  I was so surprised to find a jar of Triple Berry in my cupboard.  I had so much fun making that jam.  It’s delicious and now I’m sad all over again that it’s gone.

triple-berry-jamAfter all of the “pucks” have frozen I will put them in a freezer container. Then I will have the slow cooked goodness of steel cut oats in the convenience of a single serve packet.


On November 17, 2012 I married the love of my life and met a new love: My pressure cooker!

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