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Pressure Cooker 365 Recipe #80: Leftover Chili and Baked Potatoes

by Kayla K on May 9, 2013

Spencer and I have not done a good job at eating up all of our pressure cooker recipes.  I have implemented a few strategies to counteract this.  First, Spencer has started to take leftovers for work instead of his usual ham sandwich. I started eating leftovers for breakfast at home. Then, instead of leaving leftovers in the refrigerator to rot, I have started freezing them.  But with a new recipe being prepared every day my freezer is filling up.

pressure-cooker-frozen-lentil-chiliLast night I took a frozen quart of lentil chili from my freezer and plunked it in my my pressure cooker.  I scrubbed 4 potatoes, poked a few holes in them, and dropped them in the pressure cooker. I locked the lid in place, brought it to full pressure, and cooked it for 12 minutes before letting the pressure drop naturally.

pressure-cooker-leftover-chili-baked-potatoesTwelve minutes in the pressure cooker was enough time to melt and heat the lentil chili.  The melted chili provided enough liquid to “bake” the potatoes.

pressure-cooker-leftover-lentil-chili-baked-potato-sour-creamI love chili and baked potatoes! Remember back in the day when I made them in the microwave with canned chili and Velveeta cheese? This homemade version is sooooo much better.


On November 17, 2012 I married the love of my life and met a new love: My pressure cooker!

To spread the love I’m using my pressure cooker every day and sharing the recipes on my blog.

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