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Pressure Cooker 365 Day 16: Lentil Chili and Cornbread (In the same cooker!)

by Kayla K on March 4, 2013


On November 17, 2012 I married the love of my life and met a new love: My pressure cooker!

To spread the love I’m using my pressure cooker every day and sharing the recipes on my blog.

My mind is gone.

This morning when I went to leave I could not find my school keys.  Now at home I realize I left my purse, and therefore my camera, at school. Grr!

You know I must have made something truly amazing if I want to take a picture of it, right?!

When I made steamed bread the recipe called for water to fill the pressure cooker until the containers were half-submerged.  Why not do double duty and just fill the cooker with soup?

You can find the recipes I used here:

Begin by preparing your cornbread. Divide the batter into two wide-mouth pint canning jars or similar container.  The container you choose must be cylindrical in shape, pressure-cooker safe, and only half-full of batter. Cover the containers with aluminum foil and secure with a rubber band. Spencer and I are having a hard time keeping up with leftovers so I made just a half batch and therefore used just one container.

Prepare the chili. Follow the recipe as directed until it comes time to bring the water to a boil.  Slip the rack in the bottom of your pressure cooker beneath the chili. Set the bread container securely on the rack.

Lock the lid in place and heat to full pressure. Cook for 15 minutes; allow the pressure to drop naturally.

Enjoy chili and cornbread prepared in the same pot in just 15 minutes!

I’m really looking forward to the combinations this new technique could bring.  What are your favorite bread and soup combinations?

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