Preparing My Fall Wardrobe

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  1. Elizabeth F says:

    I would love to limit my clothes to what you have but my problem is not being very good at mixing and matching my wardrobe daily. So I just keep things incase I need it, which I end up wearing probably once a year. Also throwing out my old high school tee shirts is hard for me. I am a tee shirt and jeans type of girl, so I always feel I need to keep those shirts for memories and thats what I usually wear on the weekend. I just wish someone could go through my closet for me, it would make it so much easier :)

  2. Lee Ann says:

    when do you start teaching? I read on another blog where the blogger purged about 1/2 her closet. she has a pretty cool blog as well.

  3. Siebrie says:

    About once a year I try on all my clothes: I wear one pair of trousers and try on every single shirt and jacket I have. Or I wear one shirt and try on every pair of trousers and skirt that I have. This leads to surprising new combinations, and saves me time in the morning, because I remember what goes with what. It also makes me re-wear items I had forgotten about or that I thought did not ‘go’ with anything.

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