Perfect Pie Troubleshooting

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  1. Kailey says:

    I love my Pyrex pie plates and have many of them in vaouirs sizes – I like to pick them up for less than $1 at yard sales, junk shops or Goodwill! I am always on the lookout for small glass pie pans – about the 4-6 inch size – they are great for making a sweet individual pie for a birthday girl or boy, or to give a little taste of home cooking to our elderly neighbor who lives all alone and is over 90! Wee pie plates are hard to find, so I grab them when I see them. Glass is perfect because it make a flakier crust – just the way it conducts the heat I think – and you can see if it is nicely golden, or needs a minute more of baking! I love your product reviews, Aunt Ruthie – peeking into your kitchen inspires me every time! Happy baking!

  2. Sugel says:

    One of the best kinds of bakeware for making cakes is definitely glass. I always used to have trouble cooking in metal baking tins when I was trying to make cake, as the edges would always singe a little.

  3. Linda Scott says:

    The mystery plant is called Wandering Jew. As it’s name implys it travels on the ground and multiplies. easy to root by just breaking off and rooting in dirt, Great ground cover where other thing will not grow. produces a pretty little pink flower.

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