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My Dog Ate $50.

Of all of the things in the entire house, my dog destroys the $50 Walmart giftcard beyond recognition. Good work.


Kelli’s Bachelorette Party Cake

Kelli enjoyed a high-quality gluten-free breakfast on the morning after her bachelorette party. Double-check my spelling of “Happiness.” Get it?! A perfectly inappropriate bachelorette cake without the purchase of specialty cake pans.  P.S. Pillsbury “Cream Cheese” frosting is vegan!


DIY Trashy Tutu from Plastic Sacks

I made myself a tutu for my sister’s “Trashy” themed bachelorette party. I think she had more of a Jersey Shore theme in mind, but I chose to take the theme literally. I had a tube skirt from derby that I rolled up and fit around the back of a...


Easy Freeze Zucchini

With my garden winding down for the winter it was time to use up the last of my zucchini.  Despite my best efforts (even featuring a week of zucchini recipes on my food blog) I still had some left over, and more than I could use fresh, so I froze...


Fall Garden Update

The temperature dropped to 34 F last night which means my time in the garden is winding down.  I love all of the Iowa seasons but I look forward to fall the most. I have my garlic planted and hope to harvest it next July. I am growing Inchelium Red and...

Published Pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine!

Published Pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine!

Yikes! I’m a published author in Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine! I have yet to get my hands on a copy, but Mom (Jo Kramer of Jo’s Country Junction) posted the above picture on Facebook.  I’m so happy with the picture of my afghan! “Scrap Happy” was inspired by an...


Bruce the Yellow Lab Puppy: 20 Weeks

We had quite the scare with Baby Bruce this week.  He went to play at the farm on Saturday while Spencer was doing some side work.  Bruce got into a whole bag of dog treats and was very sick. I was away for the weekend at a derby mixer so...


Bruce The Yellow Lab Puppy: 17 Weeks

Yes, at one point Bruce was 16 weeks, we just did not get it photo-documented in the “official” chair. We were lucky to get a few good ones this week.  As you can see, he was missing the “official” monkey. We had to use it to keep his concentration… …and...