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Garden Progress

I got back from my fantastic IFCSE Conference yesterday and was greeted with a bounty of vegetables:  Pickling Cucumbers,  Zucchini, crooked neck squash,  Chard,  Beans, tomatoes, And a lonely beet. I’m looking forward to the next few months were I can enjoy all of my hard work!


Happy Random July Day!

Yesterday I delivered sunflower bouquets to my friends Liz and Kylie at work. (They work at the same company here in town.) They were surprised and asked the occasion. Well, I was working in my garden. And I have lots of sunflowers. So I picked them. And I made two...


Some New Faces

I hope you had a fantastic Independence Day (USA!) weekend! The stormy Iowa weather took a break and we were able to enjoy a day antiquing in Mount Vernon and Solon, Iowa with my brother, Kasjen (Buck), and sister-in-law, Jen. My husband is a very serious WWII collector. He carefully...


Whole Grain Pizza Crust

The Pins home has passed sweeping legislation outlawing the use of refined white flour and sugar. In other words, I ran out and am trying to get by without. Probably for the better. I also didn’t realize just how much spelt flour makes 25 pounds and got overzealous with my...


Farmer’s Market Bounty

Kayla cannot live on kale alone, so she goes to bible study and shops at her local farmer’s market. Although my garden is overflowing, the only thing to harvest right now is enough kale to turn me green. I supplemented with this farmer’s market bounty. The small-town Monticello market is...


My First Craft Show

I spent the morning with my friend Liz at our very first craft show. It was a fundraiser for a church at only $25 per table, so very low pressure. We turned a profit and had enough fun to try it again sometime!


Impromptu Kitchen Counter Space

My kitchen has ample counter space but none of it is next to my stove. While rearranging I noticed that the top of my old kitchen cart was the exact size to cover two of my burners. With a little help from a salsa lid, I now have a prep...


Snow Day Knitting

Okay, so these weren’t done in a single snow day.  I have been working since summer recreating and re-writing knitting patterns from my antique Needlework Magazine collection. I have a lot of expecting friends but I don’t know that I’ll be able to part with these!


Creamy Potato Kale Soup (Gluten Free, Vegan, Cheap)

How is it that I always feel “out of groceries?” Perhaps it is because I spent the bulk of my veggies on a fresh veggie platter and bean salad for my sister’s bridal shower this weekend? Kramer girls: Kalissa, Mom, Kelli (the bride), and me The stress of the last...