My Heroes

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  1. Jorgy says:

    Kayla, I really liked your definition of “poor”. I too grew up with little, but looked like we had more than enough because my parents knew how to work hard and make free and hand-me-downs look new. They reupholstered, stained, painted, sewed, built and landscaped so that by appearances we had more than we did. It was rare to have pizza out or a burger and fries and when we did, it was shared between 5 of us. These things made me appreciate what we had and even though as kids we longed for “new”, we knew we would always land on our feet. Keep writing your posts because now a lot more folks are starting to realize the value of making the most of what you have because of the current economy!

  1. February 24, 2010

    […] My Heroes […]

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