Monday Meal Plan with Dine-In Week Challenge

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  1. jony says:

    good luck!
    catholic fridays:
    tuna patties, mac and cheese or home-made potato pancakes.

  2. Hey Kayla…I made the fish tacos from SamsterMommy and LOVED them…minus the taco shell. Dad of course wouldn’t eat the cabbage slaw that goes with them…his loss. They were good.

  3. Suzanne says:

    No meat Fridays can also mean vegetarian or vegan fare.

    I found your blog via Knitting Pattern Central, and it is an interesting one. Good luck with your Compact year, as well as your cooking challenge.

  4. Annie Jones says:

    Yes, I think it’s more expensive, per capita, to cook for one. It seems to me that a single person is less likely to cook from scratch. Also, they are less likely to buy family packs of meat or buy staples in bulk.

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