June Food Stamp Challenge- Cajun Mackerel Burgers

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  1. Jana Gregg says:

    Isn’t it papa murphy’s pizza that takes food assistance? You can’t purchase hot foods with food stamps. Papa Murphy’s is the place where you take it and bake it at home, so they accept food assistance. I work at a grocery store and they are not allowed to purchase ready make hot food from deli, but if it’s in the cold case they can.

  2. Kayla K says:

    You’re totally right! I will get that changed! Thanks!

  3. Newlyfrugal says:

    CVS has sales on cans of tuna for 49 cents every so often. I stocked up and was wondering what to do with all the tuna. Thanks for the tuna burger recipe. I will try them.

    I spend about $75 to $80 a month on groceries for me alone. But I don’t drink alcohol and don’t buy junk food like soda and chips except for once every three months or so. I eat mainly egg whites and protein sources other than red meat (my parents have high cholesterol). Protein milkshakes are quick, easy, nutritious and cheap. I put all of the money that I save in stocks and bonds at Charles Schwab and Vanguard, and I have a sizable emergency fund because my grocery bill is so low.

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