I Was Not Thrifty Today.

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  1. Newlyfrugal says:

    Kayla, you did great today! The best way to save money for an emergency fund and for investments is to NOT spend anything. Many people forget this and rush out to buy items on sale when they already have too many of those items. They should use up most of what they have, then stock up when they run low. But I’ve read of people who keep stocking up even when it is not necessary.

    If you want to save serious money, stay home and find a way not to spend a penny. Watching TV, chatting with friends, emailing, blogging, spending time with loved ones and pets, strolling in a park, flying a kite, reading a book, resting in a hammock, etc. cost nothing but gives you pleasure and happiness.

  2. Kari says:


    I think what you did was passive frugality, instead of active frugality. Free exercise and entertainment! :) Excellent!

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