I need some Dresscue-ing.

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  1. Ugly as is…but hopeful.

  2. Casie says:

    I LOVE THAT SHOW! So does my 5 year old. We DVR it and watch together. I live in L.A. and I seriously want to save up my dough and head over for a visit. So awesome. Good luck on the dress. Can’t wait to see the update.

  3. Cyndee says:

    Be sure to show us the ‘after’ pic, I will be waiting…

  4. Jeanine says:

    Have you thought about making it sleeveless? I think that would be so cute, and perfect for summer.

  5. Kris says:

    Cannot wait to see the transformation.

  6. Newlyfrugal says:

    It’s not bad looking attire for a grandmother. The material and print look sophisticated, but the style is wrong for you. For a recent college graduate, I like the idea of shortening the skirt to show more leg (which instantly makes you look younger), dispensing with shoulder pads (which dates you to the 1980’s), and opening up the neckline to a V or oval shape. Good luck and let us see the results!

  7. robbiekay says:

    Looking forward to seeing the “after”. By the way, I love the glasses!

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