I am not a meal planner.

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  1. Mrs. GV says:

    Same here. I don’t have a set meal plan, and anytime I have tried to plan one, I fail miserably at it. There’s just two of us here as well. I have fresh staples that I keep on hand–potatoes, onions, broccoli, carrots, spinach. I have a stocked pantry of bulk items like beans and grains and plenty of herbs and spices. When my husband makes a specific request, such as aloo gobi, it’s easy enough to stop by the grocery and pick up a head of cauliflower, since I already have the rest of the ingredients here.

  2. Cyndee says:

    Yay! Somebody else who considers Reese’s eggs to be a meal…and I thought we were the only ones :)

  3. I say go for what works for you. It was fun seeing the similarities between us, well, except I don’t like leftovers, and my husband will eat them….like forever.

    If it’s working, and you are eating healthy, then it’s a good thing, and binders, recipes, plans should go the wayside….

    So what’s for dinner tonight? LOL

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. I know this is late to the party, but I just cannot plan meals a week ahead. There is only me and a friend who comes only one day each week. I keep chicken cooked, fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables and fruits. There is plenty of pb and honey for the odd lunch where there are no leftovers or I just want honey and pb on bread. My hens keep me in eggs, and I always have cereal. So, that is mostly breakfast.

    When I buy a meat on sale, I can freeze or cook it. When I buy fresh vegetables on special that week, I know that is what I am having in some form.

    There is always tuna, canned chicken breast, and canned salmon. Yes, I have a well-stocked pantry. My freezer had planty, also.

    If I plan a meatloaf and time runs short, I have a hamburger. I do eat up what needs to be eaten now. I feel like a freak amongst all the meal planners!

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