How to Win Friends and Influence People: Make These Cookies!

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  1. Hey…cookies were GREAT…super moist even after I left them on the counter overnight. We rolled ours in powdered sugar. Them looked more decorative and gave them a little boost.

  2. Newlyfrugal says:

    I began living a frugal lifestyle when I moved out of my parents’ home in 2006. I have my own apt and have been saving money ever since my move. I stumbled onto your website and enjoy reading all of your tips and ideas. Will go to the store for cream cheese in the next few days and make the cookies. They look so quick and easy to make and I can give them as gifts for neighbors and during holidays.

  3. Hazel Gentry says:

    What size was the cream cheese package–8 oz? 3oz? I teach a cooking class in a senior resident complex and I think they would love this recipe. Hazel

  4. Kayla K says:

    8 oz cream cheese. I’m glad to hear what you are using the recipe for! This recipe is great for people who don’t have a whole cupboard of baking supplies.

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