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How to Remove Common Warts with Nail Polish

by Kayla K on June 15, 2012

Good news bad news.

Good news: Nail polish makes an excellent wart remover.

Bad news: I had to have a wart on my finger in order to know that.  Gross.

Good news: Wart is now gone.

To elaborate:

I noticed a small wart on my finger.  Warts totally gross me out, although I have read that they are perfectly normal and natural.  Some people (like me) are just more susceptible to them.

There are several over-the-counter remedies to remove common warts.  You can also get them froze off at the doctor’s office.

One remedy that I have tried, and has worked, has been duct tape.

This time around I tried nail polish.  I read that to kill a wart it had to be suffocated, which is why duct tape works so well.  I used a flesh-colored polish from a french manicure set.  The polish was so thin that it was easily covered by a oversized cocktail ring. It was much less obvious, and therefore less embarassing, than duct tape.

This new remedy was so effective that I question if I even had a common wart in the first place.

Now would be an excellent time to note that I am not a doctor.  Although I highly endorse painting yourself with nail polish, I am not responsible for you. :)

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