How To Patch Work Jeans

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  1. J Trapnell says:

    Hi there. Thanks for this info. I am wondering – do you use fabric from old Carhartt jeans to patch? I am looking for something to patch two holes in the rear end, on either side of the seam – and wondering what to use that won’t be irritating to sit on, on the sewing edge. Any suggestions? My friend travels a lot in his truck and also bends over a lot in his work, so a seamless edge – as much as possible – is desired.
    Have you ever used the iron-on patches? I am thinking they might be ok if I used one on each side of the jeans. Thanks for your advice! JT

  2. Kayla K says:

    I do use old Carhartt jeans or denim to patch. I trim the patches to make smooth edges on the inside. I remember something about whole-knee patches from the Tightwad Gazette? I don’t think that would solve the rear end problem, though.

  3. James says:

    I used an iron-on patch on some carhartts of mine…the patch fell off almost immediately after wearing them. I would not recommend it especially for work, us guys need something more durable. I was thinking about sew on patches using old carhartts, I think this would work well.

  4. Georgene says:

    Do you open the leg seam to apply the knee patch?

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