How To Make Cornmeal Mush

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  1. Michelle says:

    I was brought up on boiled wheat for breakfast. You get the wheat, usually hard winter red wheat, or you can use white wheat, if you prefer, in bulk. I get mine from, in a big 5-gallon bucket.

    Anyway, when you want your boiled wheat, just cook it like rice, with the same water ratios, and cook it until the water has boiled away. The wheat kernels will pop open a bit as they expand from the water, so it’s sort of like cracked wheat, without the pre-cracking.

    I serve mine with butter and honey, for a sweet breakfast. My mother also makes a casserole with the boiled wheat by adding lemons and chopped celery, and frying it up for a savory casserole. It also goes well as a carb/fiber balast in soups. You can cook up a big batch, and save it for use in small doses through the week, as it microwaves very well, as well as going well in soups and casseroles. Basically, it can be used as a chewy, nutty-flavored substitute for rice.

    I like it for breakfast because it is a hot cereal with some real heft to it. You chew it and feel more satisfied because of the chewing, and it it so fiberful that you feel very full fast!

    One warning, though: This is very high in fiber, so 1) it counteracts the carbs, so don’t eat it if your blood sugar is low, without adding some honey or such to it, and 2) you need to start with small doses and work your way up to full servings, or else your body will rebel against the sudden influx of too much fiber. However, if you eat this for breakfast every day, your digestion will be fantastic, and you won’t need those psyllium cleanses they’re advertising these days.

    And did I mention this is really cheap? And stores well?

    Wheat kernels also sprout well, and quickly. If you get the sprouts before they have a chance to turn green, they are nice and sweet, and full of vitamins. You can also bake the sprouts, when they’ve just barely sprouted, and turn them into malt.

    I’ve never made cornmeal mush, but now I want to try it. Thanks for the information!

  2. Kayla K says:

    That sounds delicious! Wheat would be versatile to purchase in bulk.

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