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My Favorites of the Week: Chicken, ‘Chikin’, and Fake Plastic Fish

by Kayla K on July 25, 2010

One Determined Gardener: How to Make Hollyhock Dolls and Use Them to Decorate Cupcakes

Use hollyhock flowers to create adorable little dolls for decorating.  My parent’s home is being remodeled and Mom had to pull up all of her beautiful hollyhocks that decorated her clothesline!  If she had hollyhocks to use this is definitely something she would try.

Plastic Grocery Bags: Ban Them, Tax Them, or Knit Fake Plastic Fish?

This post is a few weeks old although I found it only recently.  The debate rages on: what should be done with those plastic grocery bags?  I of course voted for the knitting option.  What do you think?

Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy

It is pretty obvious that I have not been full-on compacting since May, but I am always interested in new incentives to spend less.  This New York Times article introduces the idea of going a month wearing only 6 items, not including accessories, and the Great American Apparel Diet, a group dedicated to no-clothes shopping for a year.  The Great American Apparel Diet would do for me what the Compact does not: combat clutter.  For the 4 months I did the Compact I easily avoided shopping malls and Target, but went crazy at thrift and consignment stores and discovered the “vintage” section of Etsy.  I may give myself to the end of the year to invest in a few key staples, but the Great American Apparel Diet is definitely a possibility for next year.

“I’m Cleaning My Sewing Room” Giveaway

Leave a comment on this post before Tuesday, July 27, to win of several quilt-related books, patterns, and projects.  We all have bought craft projects with the best of intentions but they end up crowding our work space.  Jo (aka Mom) of Jo’s Country Junction is combatting this with an AWESOME giveaway.

Chicken vs. ‘Chickin’: How Green is My Plastic-Wrapped Vegan Diet?

This interesting article answered a lot of questions I had about a vegetarian diet.  My choice to limit my animal products has a few different sources: because not everyone treats their animals as well as the farm I grew up on, because meat takes up a whole lot of water and farmland and is bad for the environment, because meat is not as healthy as other proteins, and because I don’t like killing animals in general.  And meat is expensive.
I get most of my protein from eggs, nuts, avocados, and beans.  I have never been very attracted to the meat substitutes like “Tofurky” or “Chikin.”  This is where my vegetarian reasons clash: Why would I eat processed, plastic-wrapped crap, when my decision to limit animal products is based on health, sustainability, and financial cost?
ANYWAYS… that is my little rant.  And apparently other people have the same idea because someone wrote an article about it.  It is quite a good read.

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1 Alea August 3, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Thanks for the shout out!

Interesting that The Compact did not help you eliminate clutter, I guess that is because you can still buy used items. I have found that even though I can buy secondhand, The Compact has made me evaluate my belongings and we have sold or donated many items. My family refers to me as the “ruthless declutterer”. :D

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