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Gingered Carrot and Cilantro Soup- Made the Kayla K (and Jo) Way

by Kayla K on January 30, 2010

I had a great day Friday visiting with Mom while we visited the greatest thrift store in the world, The Depot.  I found some sweaters for unraveling and one that I’ll actually wear.  My favorite treasure of the day was an Electrician’s handbook, written in 1910.  I brought it home for Spencer to look at, but he was confused as to why I would give him a book with such outdated technology.  I guess history isn’t so cool when it involves electricity? Whatever, it looks adorable on the mantel with my other old books.

But the BIG highlight of the day was lunch at Magpie.  I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and the gingered carrot soup.  Mom thought it sounded like gross rabbit food, but after one bite she decided she needed her own bowl.  The rest of the meal was spent trying to figure out how we could duplicate it at home.  Later on, we did get it almost exactly right!  Mom posted pictures and a recipe over at her blog, Jo’s Country Junction, so you can check it out there. Even Kalissa, who refuses carrots loved it.  The ultimate test will be this morning when Mom offers some to Kelli, who claims an inborn-gag-reflex aversion to carrots.  Our bet is that she won’t even know.  Luckily she doesn’t have Internet at her house so she doesn’t even know we’re plotting against her.  MUAH-ha!

But seriously, you can’t even taste the carrots.  It is much more like a sweet & spicy tomato soup.  Absolutely wonderful, and it’s even on the healthy end of the spectrum, so no worries there either.

My siblings were out of school early so I chatted with them for awhile before heading south to Spencer’s where he had made me dinner from scratch.  It was cheesy rotinni with mashed potatoes.  I love this boy!

I caught up with some Real Housewives of Orange County episodes and felt very thankful that my day involved thrift shopping, great food with friends, and a night in with my hunny instead of designer clothes, manicures, crappy friends, and bratty kids.

My life rocks.

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