Freezer Cooking Catch Up

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  1. Newlyfrugal says:

    I tried cutting and freezing bell peppers and onions in the past, but when I thawed them, the texture was not as good as fresh so I quit doing it. I guess it would have worked better if I used the frozen peppers and onions in stews, but I wanted to use them for stir fry.

    My frozen meals did not taste as good coming from the freezer, so I stopped freezing meals other than pasta sauce. Maybe I should invest in a Food Saver machine that seals out all the air in a vacuum bag? Hope you feel better soon and good luck when you start teaching this fall.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I’ve not really tried a lot of freezer cooking. Mostly just some soup or chili. They turned out really good. I’ve tried to freeze fruit such as strawberries and turned out mushy. Yuck!!
    Let us know how it turns out.
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Karen says:

    Obvious, I know, but meatballs – Italian in red sauce, Swedish in brown gravy, cooked and seasoned ground meat for tacos. I’ll make up burgers, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then wrap a few in foil for dinners in the future. Cook a huge pork shoulder in the crockpot, seasoned with just salt and pepper, cool it and shred it, can be used for hot pork sandwiches, fajitas, pork BBQ.

  4. Karen says:

    Oh, I forgot!… I’ll portion and freeze fruit in season and use it in smoothies in the dead of winter, YUM!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I was under the impression that you could not freeze meat twice! This is awsome news that you can, thanks.

  6. Snella says:

    How strange, we are also feeling under the weather with the flu – only we’re on the other side of earth…
    I’ve tried serial cooking, as it was once called. The good idea is probably to get a cookbook from the late 70ties or early 80ties, I’ve tried looking but no luck so far. My serious cookbook talks about the merits of having a baking day, and make bread, buns or kringles, cookies and cake at the same time. My personal experience has been that I can only manage 2 bread doughs on one day and that I can survive one cake/bun/cookie dough in addition to that. This will take 4 hours total and equals half a saturday and will save me about 50 $ in our currency with the going exchange rate. The result will be organic scandinavian bread for 4 people for 3 meals a day for a week. I don’t know if it would be considered food in a non scandinavian country. I’ve cooked pasta sauce for 4 weeks at one time for years. I’ve also made fish gratine that freezes really well, lasagne, chicken casserole, roasted lamb and fresh pasta. Roasted lamb is really easy – you buy lamb in season (late september, early october) and slow cook it (70 degrees Celsius for a very long time and then up the temperature and use a roasting termometer) – lamb is done above 80 C, my termometer actually has a marking for lamb. You then rest it according to the cookbook, slice it, and freeze portions in foil. The fond is divided in appropriate servings to go with the meat. Easy-peasy. You make gravy from scratch with the fond while the meat thaws over the boiling potatoes and then you can serve roasted lamb in the mountains in a cottage with only thawed snow. You can also bake an entire salmon and rinse it and weigh out portions. I have a week list that seldom changes and make four servings instead of one. I seems way too difficult to cook for an entire month at once. Also my freezer is fairly full with wild mushrooms, berries and bargains.
    Sorry about the long comment, I got a bit carried away, I really love your blog!

  7. Kayla K says:

    Lucky you to have things like Salmon in season! Salmon here (in Iowa) is very expensive so chicken and ground beef contribute to most of our meals.

  8. Kayla K says:

    No, no, don’t freeze meat twice!

    It is okay to thaw meat, cook it, and freeze it. But do not re-freeze raw meat before cooking it.

    Right: Thaw ground beef, make it into cooked meatballs, and freeze into family-sized portions.
    Wrong: Thaw ground beef, form into hamburger patties, and freeze. This only works with fresh, never frozen beef from the meat counter.

  9. Kayla K says:

    Mom had good luck with this when she catered my brother’s high school graduation party. It was nice to have the meatballs done ahead of time so she could make fresh bundt cakes closer to the party.


  10. Elizabeth F says:

    My latest freezer experience is just freezing the basics such as spagetti sauce, meat balls, potatoes, pizza dough in seperate balls ready for easy pizza preperation, stromboli, cut up chicken for anything, taco meat, chili, and lasagna. This is what I have started with just to have it available when I come home. It has worked lovely for days I do not want to cook and at the end of the month I restock my freezer with the same foods. I really like it because it gives me days of cooking when I want to and days of a break when I could really use one. The cooking day I use to make all of this does not take that long either because I can make all the ground hamburger at once and all the chicken at once. I just add my sauces to what I want.

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