Free Crochet Pattern | Pineapple Pendant Crocheted Necklace

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  1. Hi Kayla! I just found your site and LOVE it! You attempt so many things like I do to help save a dollar. So glad I found you and will definitely be following along.

  2. beadinggem says:

    This is just a lovely pattern! We all have leftover thread so this is a wonderful way to make sure it’s used up. I shall feature and link back in an upcoming post so others can come visit. Okay?

  3. LoriD says:

    Hi Kayla! I found your site through All Free Crochet. This is an adorable piece! I’m still rather new to crocheting, so I’m a bit confused and have a few questions. When beginning this pattern, do you start with a chain or do you immediately start with the 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc (assuming this is 2 double crochets, chain 2, 2 double crochets) around the jewelry chain after making the slip knot? Thanks!

  4. Trudy McNish says:

    Love the necklace, found it at All free crochet…..

  5. vini says:

    Loved this necklace.surely will be trying it.Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  6. Dorothy Earls says:

    I would very much like to crochet this necklace, but I can’t print it!! There have been many nice crochet patterns, but I can’t print them. I am about to discontinue the web site as it is very dicouraging when you can’t print the FREE PATTERNS. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Ed Kohl says:

    I think that it is very cute. I can see my daughter and some of my nieces wearing them very easily

  8. Kayla K says:

    I am sorry for your difficulty in printing free patterns. I have installed a program on my blog to make printing easier. Scroll down to the bottom of the post and there is an icon that says “jolliprint.” Clicking this button will create a PDF document for you to print.

  9. Marylou says:

    Would very much like to crochet this pendant, but start of row 1 is confusing. Are you working the 2dc,ch 2,2 dc on the necklace chain. Wish you had a tutorial I could watch. Thanks.

  10. Diane says:

    How many starting chains do you need to work the second row in? Love the necklace.

  11. Eileenfb says:

    I think you need to start the first row exactly as it is described. Pretend the jewelry chain is a previous row of crochet .. you don’t need to do anything other than start with a double crochet, working around the chain.

    I might try this it looks cute and a bit different.

  12. Would like to have the instructions sent to me. The pineapple necklace.

  13. Onda says:

    Just found your blog via Hooked on Crochet newsletter’s list of “crocheting with pineapples.” Looking forward to trying your pattern. Just glancing through the comments, looks like I will enjoy your blog as well. Thank you.

  14. Nancy says:

    I also would like for U to send me the instructions. Many Thanks I am waiting to make this lovey necklace.Nancy

  15. Nancy says:

    I agree with Dorothy Earls, It is very discouraging to not be able to print a FREE Pattern. Any help would be appreciated.
    Many thanks. The pineapple necklace is beautiful…or will be when I can get the instructions and make it.

  16. Kayla K says:

    Nancy and Dorothy,

    This is a personal blog where I sometimes share my patterns for free. The patterns are within the blog posts and available for you to read. Because the patterns are free and already attached in the blog post I do not email them out individually to readers. Please use this comment space to tell about your success or frustrations with the pattern so other readers can benefit.

  17. Wylla says:

    What about some earrings to match the pineapple pendant??

  18. Wylla says:

    I love the pendant. Have made it.

  19. Marty says:

    I have printed the pattern from this very page. I highlighted just what I needed then typed Ctrl+P (for Print) and it printed out only in a narrow column as in a newspaper…it is doable. and did it in 4 pages as I had my printer set to print both sides. Hope this will help others. I’m 81 years old and I love it too and will make it as soon as I get cotton thread in the colors I want. I may even make two, once in variegated magenta and the second in variegated aqua. Love it!

  20. Marjorie says:

    Hi, I love to crochet and this pineapple necklace is very pretty , I wish I could have printed it out as the picture would help me to make the pineapple necklace.. I am fairly new at doing this. so I guess the picture helps me to crochet it. Marjorie

  21. Juliet Zin says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the pineapple pendant necklace. May I request a larger version of the pattern. I am making a pillow cover using the pattern if you have one, approximately 3 times larger. I greatly appreciate your help.

  22. I can’t wait to make this necklace as a gift for my best friend ..It is very pretty .

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