Costly Clogs

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Kayla,

    You’ve gotta love a shoe-shopping challenge. If you like this brand of clogs in red, amazon has some for $79 in sizes 7, 9, and 10. Hope this helps.

    Your blog is great. Thanks for sharing your thrifty ideas. I’m aiming to stretch our family’s income and find blogs like yours inspiring.


  2. Newlyfrugal says:

    You are wise to pass on the clogs. I have a closet full of clothes and shoes. There is little room for more. When I am tempted to buy new clothes and shoes that I don’t need and that will clutter my home even more, I think of all the people in Haiti and other developing countries who have very little. Many don’t even have fresh clothes and shoes (old or new ) to wear. If they can do without so many items, then I can do with what I already have.

    This mindset has allowed me to save a significant emergency fund and to invest in stocks and bonds. Instead of buying more things that I don’t need, I am able to save and have investments. In an emergency and during retirement, the “things” won’t help me, but my emergency fund and IRAs will be a godsend.

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