Cheap, Dirt Cheap, Free: Delicious!

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  1. Megan says:

    Eggplant parmesan…my way!
    Mom’s egg plant,
    Egg wash or even just milk
    Some bread crumbs, flour or whatever breading I have
    little bit of oil
    Leftover Spagetti sauce
    Frozen Cheese from the freezer. (While this isn’t a super frugal ingredient, it is oh so handy!)

    Cut, dip bread and fry eggplant. Spoon on a bit of spaghetti sauce and top with some cheese. Bake until cheese is melty.


    Off subject. I’d love to eat more rice. But I am not a good rice cooker. Any suggestions on how to cook it without that little crunch or it becoming mush? I can’t get it right! I have one baked rice recipe that is really yummy- but I want to a nice fluffy rice for a base for stirfry, or your recipes above! I don’t really like minute rice- but I can cook that!

  2. claire Surovell says:

    A rice cooker is something I can’t live without. Just plug it in and go. It cooks flawless rice and keeps it warm for hours.

  3. claire Surovell says:

    A rice cooker is something I can’t live without. Just plug it in and go. It cooks flawless rice and keeps it warm for hours.

  4. Angela says:

    That eggplant dish sounds sooo good. Can you tell me which Moosewood cookbook it’s in? I have the “New Recipes From…” and the “Low-Fat Favorites” but I didn’t see that recipe in either (although admittedly I didn’t look really really hard). Anyway — I would love to try it!


  5. Kayla K says:

    Thanks for the recipe!

    And, I think cheese is fairly frugal. I buy shredded cheese on bulk super-sale and keep it in the fridge. Just a little bit packs a LOT of flavor.

    I don’t have a rice cooker… For my short-grain brown rice I mix one part rice to two parts water or broth, bring to rolling boil, cover, and turn the burner to the very lowest setting for 50 minutes. If you want fluffy rice, choose a short grain. I do not have good luck with long grain, which, as you say, is crunchy. It is better for pilaf.

  6. Naola V says:

    The secret to cooking any rice so that it’s not crunchy is making sure there’s enough water. The longer the rice cooks, the more water it absorbs. If you’re cooking it on the stove, after about 30 minutes on the lowest setting start checking to see if it can use more water. Add by 1/4 cup increments, if need be. For example, add 1/4 cup if you think it needs more water, and then check again in about 5 to 8 minutes to see if the rice has absorbed that water.

    Also another great way to make rice is to steam it. As long as your steamer has water in it, you can cook it until you get great rice.

  7. Christine Schmidt says:

    Here’s the real meal deal. (Two parts water to 1 part rice)
    1 c. rice
    1 c. water
    Bring to a full boil (just starts a rolling boil).
    Turn down to “low” immediately, put on tight fitting lid, and turn your timer to 20 minutes.
    No peaking for 20 min. When the timer rings, turn off the heat.
    Turns out perfect every time.
    Tip: Turn down burner to lowest setting and put on a lid just as it comes to a boil. No looking or stirring! I have a magnetic timer that sticks to the hood above my stove top.
    Easy. Buy some filet Mignon with the $$ you saved.

  8. Christine Schmidt says:

    correction !
    1 c. rice
    2 cups water

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