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As Soon As the Ground Can Be Worked

Spencer and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and our long weekend to get started in the vegetable garden. Although I like the idea of raised beds, the initial investment is more than I care to afford right now. We mimicked the efficient design by sinking 2 x 4’s about...


January Houseplant Review

As I write this post on February 1, there are seven inches of snow outside and it is still going. I don’t mind Iowa weather so much, but I think my ever-growing houseplant collection has a lot to do with beating the winter blues. Last Thanksgiving break I tried a...


New Swedish Ivy and Cake Stand Greenhouse

Our trip to Cedar Rapids yesterday included a trip to Earl May where Spencer encouraged me to pick a new hanging plant. He didn’t have to work too hard, of course, but choosing one was a challenge. My plants are usually impulse or clearance picks.


Thrift Fix Favorites

I enjoyed all that Goodwill has to offer on my way home from Tuesday’s conference. There were three shops on the way home and each had something to offer my glassware collection.  These cups and saucers were unmarked, but I liked the pattern and the similarity to hobnail, my favorite....


Garden Progress

I got back from my fantastic IFCSE Conference yesterday and was greeted with a bounty of vegetables:  Pickling Cucumbers,  Zucchini, crooked neck squash,  Chard,  Beans, tomatoes, And a lonely beet. I’m looking forward to the next few months were I can enjoy all of my hard work!


Happy Random July Day!

Yesterday I delivered sunflower bouquets to my friends Liz and Kylie at work. (They work at the same company here in town.) They were surprised and asked the occasion. Well, I was working in my garden. And I have lots of sunflowers. So I picked them. And I made two...


Some New Faces

I hope you had a fantastic Independence Day (USA!) weekend! The stormy Iowa weather took a break and we were able to enjoy a day antiquing in Mount Vernon and Solon, Iowa with my brother, Kasjen (Buck), and sister-in-law, Jen. My husband is a very serious WWII collector. He carefully...