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  1. Jeannette says:

    Oh Kayla I love your honest rambling post. I hate that things like keeping insurance have been such a dictate but you have a good thread of realism which will help you all your life. I hope you will find that unique place where all your skills and gifts can super collide. One great skill…kind of like using the right kind of interfacing, is to not let current circumstances deplete your joy for life…I’ll look forward to you taking whatever that “suck” word represents , split it into some variation of geometric parts and reframe it all with a bit of embroidery…maybe crazy quilts should have been named sanity savers?

  2. Hold on in there, A lot of people goes through thr same way you did. By the way I think the tshirt quilt is a very good idea.
    Good luck

  3. beth says:

    I remember college being a hard time….it takes a lot of patience to get through the end of it all and you don’t even know for sure what you want to do. I did end up finishing my teaching degree and so happy I stuck it out. I was able to use that skill and degree over the years and even quilt some too! Hope you can stick it out a little longer and you’ll feel like you’ve really accomplished something. I also hope you’re able to publish a pattern soon….that will sure make you feel good. huh?

  4. jodi says:

    What a great idea. I’ve made t-shirt quilts. But I’ve never seen a t-shirt quilts with shirts! Great pattern! Way to go!

  5. Carol Hansen says:

    Different T-shirt quilt. I like it.
    I’m seeing lots of potential for other designs within the shirts :) here’s your assignment :) Draw up a plain shirt, play away with the design and see what you come up with. (Hee, hee do I sound like a bossy artsy college professor or what !!!!)

  6. Marika says:

    Very beautiful duvet .

  7. Finger Thumb says:

    I can totally related to your rambling. Although, I went the other way and have two arts degrees and no job and no money ;) Its a double edged sword and in darker moments we all question our decisions. Following your dreams is harder than it looks in the movies. If only we could see into the future or look back and see where an alternative path would have taken us. Don’t give up though Kayla. There’s got to be something good for you out there. Take a leap.
    oh, and on the whole quilting with knits topic, interfacing, interfacing, interfacing. Come on over to my blog and see the quilt I made with baby t-shirts and clothes. I was somewhat selective with my use of interfacing and totally regretted it. What kind did you use specifically?

  8. I love your honesty, and i agree with the idea of getting a good job to afford the fabric addiction :) totally need that, just keep on making quilts and this will lift your mood and help you find what you want to do.

  9. admin says:

    Some quilt shops have this interfacing available, but I bought mine at JoAnn’s. Here’s a link to the product:
    You iron the interfacing with the knit going in the opposite direction of the knit on the shirt. It is a wonderful product.

  10. Rebekah says:

    This is such a cute idea! I have a t-shirt quilt that I started years back, but I never would have thought to make actual t-shirt cut-outs.

    Beautiful job and congrats on the award!

  11. What a FUN and clever quilt! Nice job.

  12. Doris says:

    Kayla, I heart you! This was such an honest, sweet post…and you’re just up the road in Ames! I love that you are young and frugal, I learned thriftiness much later than I should have…. I checked out some of your other blog posts, and I’ll keep reading!

    Doris in Des Moines

  13. Anna says:

    It is hard when you know what you want to do but need to have the papers to do it – I am sure in time you are going to find the perfect combination for you – one that will help you pay the bills financially and still be able to fulfill the need to express yourself creatively. School is part of the process – try not to get discouraged ..
    I think your t- shirt quilt is very fun and would be a hit with college and high school kids.
    Good luck in the future. Perhaps one day I will be able to say that I remember when their was a young woman with a dream to create quilts and she has become a famous designer. Hold fast to your dreams!

  14. Well, I think your T-shirt quilt is clever. : ) Thanks for sharing. No easy answers about leaping, education, financial security or jobs…it’s ALL a crap shoot, isn’t it?! Then, there’s ALWAYS quilting to soothe.

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