Avoiding frugal burnout: Give yourself permission to splurge

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  1. Newlyfrugal says:

    I go to Sam’s Club and buy the 2 pack of rock lobster tail for $29. I broil in my oven and it is delicious! One lobster meal at Red Lobster costs $28, plus tax and tip. For $29 at Sam’s, I get two lobster meals.

    I buy 10 lbs each of snow crab legs and Alaskan King crab legs when they are on sale and freeze to enjoy for months.

    I get a monthly massage (half hour for $29.95 plus tip.) I would love to go once a week, but even though I can afford it, I am too frugal to go weekly.

    By being frugal and savvy about money, I spend only 1/3 of my income on expenses. The other 2/3 goes to savings and investments. After being careful with money on a daily basis, I allow myself the few luxuries above.

  2. Kayla K says:

    Great responses! I work at Red Lobster so my snow crab leg meal is pretty cheap, but I still only have it once each month :)

  3. Mand01 says:

    My partner and I love new technology. LOVE it. Spending time online, or listening to podcasts, or whatever, is our main source of entertainment. But it is expensive, and we are in a single income family with two kids. We do like to buy new tech, but we wait until it has come down in price, listen to the comments of friends and relatives who have already purchased first generation tech and gadgets, and read online reviews of products for months before we buy. That way we can be sure that the product we are buying has good reviews and it is a good use of our money. It also allows us time to make sure that the item we are buying we actually do really want, and are not just jumping on the new tech bandwagon.
    So this week we just bought a new digital wifi radio that we have wanted for ages, and have been checking out for months. It cost a lot (for a radio) but we have been waiting a while, did our research and feel confident that this will last and provide us with heaps of entertainment over a long period.
    And I also don’t skimp on footwear – cheap shoes are always a spending regret…

  1. March 26, 2011

    […] She is on to me!  Sue, who knows me personally, and longtime readers know(s) that I give myself permission to splurge on shoes. […]

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