A Walnut Misadventure and Lessons Learned

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  1. Kris says:

    Walnuts! We had ‘em everywhere! They were in the pasture, by the road,even had tree that sort if hung out over the pond. Boy, do I remember walnut stains. But they are great in brownies and other stuff so we picked up bags of ‘em. Finally, my mom decided to lay them in the driveway ( it was gravel and long ) and let the cars hull the nuts. Every few days we’d go out with bread bags over our hands and pick up the hulled nuts. Then, we had to let them dry so we put them on the barn roof! After they dried they went into bushel baskets. Whenever she needed some my mom just grabbed some nuts and went to the vice.

  2. Kayla K says:

    So I wasn’t crazy after all!

    How can you tell if the walnuts are ripe? Mine were green and mushy on the inside.

  3. I always thought you just left them on the ground until early fall when the husks were split… but then I don’t know how you get the hulls off. I do know you can lay them out on screens to dry.

    I did a quick search and found this page — it has a bit about looking for ripeness:


    I’m interested to hear how it goes!


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