A Beautiful Morning…

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  1. I need to plan like this for my days. I would feel so much happier most likely.

  2. Sounds like all good plans….try it again tomorrow.

  3. Megan says:

    Leaving a comment. Can you write, or direct me to a very very basic tutorial for crochet? I have no experience, and am getting very frustrated going from site to site trying to put all the instructions together. I can’t make my hands work with the diagrams they show either :(

  4. Not Your Mother's Jo says:

    I agree – this sort of planning makes for a calm and orderly beginning to the day, which puts you in a better space for responding to the daily happenings that you *can’t* plan ahead.

  5. Kathy M says:

    Great way to start the day. Planning does make life easier. Thanks for your blog/

  6. I always made/packed lunches for days ahead, breakfast, too. I scramble four eggs, and make three pieces of toast. Into three Tupperware cereal bowls, I divide the eggs, topping each bowl with a piece of toast.

    To eat, I remove the toast and pop it back into the toaster. I microwave the eggs for about 30 seconds, not enough to really warm them. Then, I put the eggs on the toast and have a foldover sandwich with milk and oj or just one drink. It is easier than it sounds, tastier than it seems and stays me until lunch. Tasty or not, it suits me.

    I always hated it when I got three kids up and discovered the classes were delayed for 2 hours. We could all have used the sleep.

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