5 Days for 50 Dollars | A Week in Review

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  1. I thought you’ve had those Danskos forever….you need to take that into account too. Are you trying it again next week?

  2. Kris says:

    Yup – we have to wear comfy shoes as our feet do LOTS of work for everyday.

  3. robbiekay says:

    I had noticed, too, that you weren’t taking your footwear into account, but I wasn’t going to bring it up because that is one area where I’m not going to scrimp, either! :) Birkenstock, Teva and Earth are my favorite brands. I will buy them on sale, but I’d rather have a few comfortable shoes than a closet full of uncomfortable shoes bought second hand. (Of course, most Birkenstock and Teva styles can’t be worn to work.)

    I hadn’t commented earlier, but I totally agree that wearing something twice in a week is fine. When I taught college students in Korea, they would wear the same outfit at least two days in a row sometimes. Initially I was taken aback by it, then I realized it is just a stupid aspect of (consumerist) American culture that tells us we can’t wear something more than once every week or two. Like your other reader, I agree that what is most important is that the item is clean. I do, however, still try not to wear something two days in a row, but there have been occasions where I’ve been so behind in laundry that I’ve had to! *blushing*

    Thank you for running this series. It was enjoyable and inspiring.

  4. Mand Hoskins says:

    I don’t think shoes and accessories count. I have had some pieces (jewelry) for years – long after a shirt or pair of pants has gone to the thrift store. The cost per wear of the necklace or earrings needs to be factored in. I spent $150 on a pair of leather boots last year, but I know that I will wear them easily for three years. If you calculate the cost-per-year or the cost-per-wear, it comes down to a tiny amount when compared to some of the ‘cheap’ clothes I have bought – even those new espadrilles I bought at Goodwill which cost me $6 and I could only wear once because they were *awful* to wear!

  5. Kayla K says:

    Cost per wear is an excellent consideration when purchasing used clothing.

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