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10 Uses for Yogurt Containers

by Kayla K on January 12, 2010


Last week when looking for yogurt for Spencer’s lunches, I discovered AE-brand and Yoplait yogurt both on sale 10/$5.  This is the highest price I will pay, so I stocked up on as many as Spencer will use until the expiration date.  I picked the AE yogurt mostly because of their containers.  And, like a trooper, Spenc’s been saving them all for me.  (Love him!)

I’m not a hoarder, I promise.  I have several potential uses for these.

  1. Spencer can re-use the perfect size 6-oz containers for other less expensive side dishes until yogurt goes on sale again.  I can’t guarantee the safety of putting these things in the microwave, so cold dishes only.
  2. He can use up the free applesauce that my parents canned.
  3. He can make up some instant pudding for cheap. I purchased two boxes for $.95 which make four servings each, at $.12 per serving, plus the cost of milk.  At this time pudding snack packs were on ‘sale’ for $.99 cents for four servings, or $.25 per serving.  The boxes of pudding are mostly recyclable, unlike their plastic counterparts.
  4. We could fill the containers with pudding or juice, jam a popsicle stick in the lid, and freeze for a frozen treat.
  5. I could start making babies from my ivy plant to give for May-Day or hostess gifts.
  6. I could plant a mini herb-garden.
  7. I could sort buttons or notions
  8. I could attempt to start tomatoes from seed this year, which I hear is difficult.  Their success rate goes down further when there is no garden to transfer them to.  Darn apartment living.
  9. I could pre-portion my morning oatmeal concoction to save me like, 30 seconds in the morning. (Just add milk!)
  10. I could use them for whatever else I would use containers about this size for, because buying new ones would be anti-Compact, and stupid because I have these available anyway.

10 potential uses for these silly little containers.  See Spenc? I’m not that weird afterall.

Although I do get a little excited for all of the cute little containers stacked neatly in my cupboard with the bright little lids.  That’s a little weird, I think.

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1 Diane January 12, 2010 at 8:59 am

I’m thinking these would be wonderful for organizing all of the little odds and ends and doodads that my kids save to use for crafts. And this year they’ll be doing a lot more saving, as I am not buying any new craft things (not compact-y dontcha know!)

BTW, I like those little bright red lids too☺

2 jo January 12, 2010 at 2:55 pm

Kayla Dear..Your mom has some great uses them on her website…Build a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree and uses them to put memory games on the lids, turn them upside down and use them for children who have fine motor issues and can’t pick up the cards. They are at

3 Jay January 18, 2010 at 3:54 pm

You could buy yogurt in the 32 oz size and use the little cups for lunches. Buying yogurt in the big size is a real money saver or better yet, make your own yogurt

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